Name Position
Fritsch, Prof. Dr. Miriam Professor
Meyer, Prof. Dr. Werner Professor

Technicians and Administration

Name Position
Fink, Mario Electrical engineer
Klobes, Daniela Administrative staff
Mazarov, Swetlana Technician
Meyer, Petra Technician

Working Group

Name Position
Boelger, Niels PhD student
Bökelmann, Stephan PhD student
de Boer, Remco PhD student
Feldbauer, Dr. Florian Scientific Assistant
Frech, Jens PhD student
Hagdorn, Rene PhD student
Jäger, Sebastian PhD student
Klasen, Dr. Roman Scientific Assistant
Li, Jinxin PhD student
Maldaner, Dr. Stephan Scientific Assistant
Reicherz, Dr. Gerhard Scientific Assistant
Snoeyink, Marc Master student
Wollenberg, Leonard PhD student

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